Section 1. To promote sports for legally blind and visually impaired individuals in the United States.

Section 2. To organize regional and national competitions among legally blind and visually impaired athletes.

Section 3. To work with other organizations in the world to promote international goodwill through friendly competition in sports.

Section 4. To select and sponsor blind athletes and staff to represent the United States in international competitions.

Section 5. To formulate and maintain rules governing competition at 

SCASA-USA meets.

Section 6. To accept or reject applications for national records at 

SCASA-USA competitions.

Section 7. To organize programs for educating the general public regarding the capabilities of visually impaired athletes.

Section 8. To promote and organize activities in which visually impaired individuals participate or compete with their sighted peers.

Section 9. To solicit, collect and receive money and gifts of personal or real property; to maintain, administer and invest properties so solicited, collected and received; to use and apply the income as well as the principal thereof; and to carry out the foregoing purposes.